Heidelberg Heights

Divers sitting on rock wall getting ready to dive

Life's landscape gets pretty predictable after a while, you’d have to agree. The roadways rarely change, trees tend to stay put, the grass grows needing the occasional mow – less in winter – so what about setting your sights on a dramatically different scene?
One that’s simply an adrenalin-pumping sensory overload once your eyes slip beneath the surface of an ever-changing and never boring underwater horizon of happiness. And yes, we’re talking about the underwater world right here in Melbourne. So come join us on one or all of Snorkel Safari Heidelberg Heights many adventures. Where you will see what the beautiful Melbourne SCUBA diving scene really has to offer!!!!!

Snorkel and Dive Safari Heidelberg Heights is an multiple award winning Scuba Diving Facility that specialises in Spearfishing, Freediving, Snorkelling & Scuba Equipment sales along with a comprehensive diver training programs.

Entering the underwater world as a trained scuba diver is a thrilling experience. Knowledge puts you in control and the sport of scuba diving becomes more and more enjoyable with time.

Continuing education adds to the enjoyment of the sport and expands your underwater horizons. We invite you to get involved in the finest diving educational programs in the world.

We have a full range of Spearfishing, Freediving, Snorkel and Scuba equipment available for sale. Products such as Atomic Aquatics, SEAC, Neptune, Suunto, Alpha, Zeagle, Poseidon, Sharkskin, Oceanic, Ocean Pro, Hollis, Halcyon and DUI. Having such a large range allows us to offer a comprehensive list of equipment to suit all your diving needs. With a state of the art air filling station, Air Fills, Nitrox and Oxygen are available.

For the diver who has their own gear, full servicing and annual testing of equipment and tanks are also offered. We also have an active Dive Club with regular functions and much much more!!