Altona Beach

Pair of divers underwater giving ok sign

We aim to provide our customers with friendly service, professional training for all levels sound advice and high quality products. From beginners to the more experienced, covering the full spectrum of special interest groups from marine biologist to wreck divers and underwater photographers, at Snorkel & Dive Safari Altona Beach we love to dive.

Our staff members live, breathe, talk and dream diving. A personal passion for the sport and seeing others enjoy it is what lead them to working within the industry. Their strong focus to customer service is reflected across all aspects of the business including diver training.

Our goal is to train comfortable and confident divers who can enjoy the best of diving in a safe and fun manner. We realize that everybody learns differently and learning to become a scuba diver is a unique step which is better taken in smaller classes with more time to go over skills individually with your instructor and to get the most out of the most important course a diver will ever do… The Open Water Diver Course!   

At Snorkel and Dive Safari Altona Beach we have chosen to partner with RAID and WSF Freediving agencies as it was clearly evident that no other global training and certification agency could offer such a broad range of superior training from the newest beginner right through to the highest qualified Dive Professional.

Our active dive club has regularly scheduled dives which are organized and led by experienced dive leaders to some of the best dive sites in the Melbourne area. We mix it up and frequently have open water/advanced level dives, shallow wreck and deep wreck dives, scallop drift dives, crayfish hunting dives, beautiful reef and stunning wall dives, something for everyone.


 Open Australia Day 9am - 12pm

Normal hours resume Friday 27th January