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Diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore places that only a handful of human beings have laid eyes on, and with seventy-two percent of the world under water, your Open Water Certificate is your license to explore it!

Scuba diving is for fun loving individuals that crave adventure and social sporting activities.  Meet new friends and enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue!

In your new serene weightless environment you will be enthralled by undersea caverns, swim with schools of seemingly make-believe fish, marvel at the beauty of weedy sea dragons, and enjoy the peace and    tranquillity of the ocean.  Come and join the many people who have made diving their life time passion.  

During the course you will explore the best diving sights that Victoria has to offer. 90% of the species you will view in Southern Victoria are found nowhere else in the world!  

Our open water training will be completed at a variety of Victoria’s prestigious dive sites, including shore and boat dives in and around Port Phillip Heads and Bay area.


Half Day Try Scuba Course

Half Day Try Scuba Course

$ 239.00

Introductory Dive for those uncertain if you will like Scuba Diving (we think you'll love it!)


4 Day Weekend Course

4 Day Weekend FREE WETSUIT


2 Weekend Open Water Course the ideal way to start your diving career.

Private Course



Want the extra benefit of having one on one training? Then our Private open water course is for you.


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Customer Satisfaction
At Snorkel and Dive Safari Heidelberg Heights, our commitment to you is this - if at any stage in the course you are not comfortable or confident to progress to the next stage an Instructor will spend the extra time with you to get you comfortable. If your not CONFIDENT enough to go from the pool training to the ocean dives, then at no extra charge we will re-schedule you additional time with an Instructor in the pool either with a group or one on one to ensure your comfort. By making sure you are comfortable and confident diver we can be sure you will have a passion for diving just as strong as ours is.

Our Commitment To You
Our class sizes are limited to 6 people per instructor with an extra two with an assistant (maximum 8 people per course) to make sure every one gets the benefit of a more personal experience and a higher quality level of training.

Highest Quality Equipment
We use the highest quality dive equipment for your training. We train you with the same equipment we dive in ourselves, rather than standard dive-school equipment. Your first experience with diving should be the best experience it can be and if your not comfortable you're not going to totally enjoy it!

Continuing Improvements
We value your feedback. To continue to maintain and improve our high quality training and services at the end of each course you will have the opportunity to complete an anonymous course feedback questionnaire. We will use this information to assess our customer satisfaction and improve on any areas we can.