Safaris & Activities - Sydney South (previously Beverly Hills)

Dive Club

We have a very active dive club with some members diving since late 60s, as well as our very recent students who have just graduated as Open Water Divers. Sydney has extremely diverse marine life with some unique species that are only endemic to Sydney. Maybe you want to photograph macro life such as nudibranchs, Pygmy Pipehorses, baby seahorses, or maybe you are eager to get the adrenaline pumping diving with Grey Nurse Sharks or drift diving. Perhaps you are looking for deep wrecks or just want to relax underwater and blow some bubbles - Sydney diving has it all. Our club dives every weekend. CLICK HERE to see our most recent dive schedule.

Besides shore diving we have regular boat dives, day and night, visiting our favourite Grey Nurse Sharks or exploring wrecks and honing our deep-diving skills. And this is not all: we dive Jervis Bay, Narooma Nelson Bay and Forster, have regular trips to South West Rocks. If it’s underwater - we do it!


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