Sydney – Condell Park (previously Beverly Hills)

Divers in waist high water

40 Years of Scuba Experience!

Snorkel Safari Condell Park was established in the early 1970's and has become a reputable industry leader in the provision of diving services and education. After 20 years in Beverly Hills we have moved to Condell Park, so come check out our new dive boutique!

Snorkel Safari - Sydney South (Sub Aquatics)

We offer Beginner Certifications through to Instructor Training, National and International Travel, Equipment Hire, Sales and Service. We are one of the ONLY stores in Sydney that offer the Scuba Ranger program allowing children as young as 8 to experience scuba diving in a safe yet fun way. Click to learn about our Scuba Ranger Program.

Diver Education and Specialty Training...

Snorkel Safari Sydney South is at the forefront of the introduction of special interest programs such as Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Underwater Photography, Sidemount and Freediving specialty courses. And now, with the emergence of Extended Range (Technical) programs, the use of Nitrox and other mixed gas blends and the latest in Dive Computer technology, we're at it again!

Each member of our dedicated team is passionate about diving and diver education and will be there to assist you whether you are considering your first breath underwater or taking your current certification to the next level.

Unique Ideology

Short cuts and easy courses are not the way to become a safe, good and experienced diver.

Learning to dive is a unique and pivotal experience. We’ll give you the time you require and adjust the course to your needs. You’ll learn much more than the minimum pre-requisites and you’ll get the best for your money, as long as you are ready to put some effort in as well! Certification is earned!

Most importantly, after your certification we’ll continue to look after you, actively inspiring and encouraging you to get the best out of your diving.

SCUBA diving offers a lifetime of adventure, and every weekend we are doing something new and diving somewhere different.

We don't just dive... We LOVE to dive!

Join Snorkel Safari Sydney South as we explore Sydney's unique marine life, amazing reefs, ship wrecks and easily accessible shore dives. See the wonders of Australia's Eastern Seaboard, Coral Sea Reefs and the many fascinating islands of the Western Pacific Ocean. There's so much to share! We have regular shore dives on weekends and travel to South West Rocks, Narooma, Nelson Bay, Terrigal and Jervis Bay.

We are an SSI and RAID Training Facility

Snorkel Safari Sydney South is proud of its long association with SSI (Scuba Schools International), the largest school based training agency in the world. SSI has locations across the globe and is highly regarded and respected ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE you choose to dive.

SSI is the only Scuba Certification Agency that requires its instructors to teach exclusively through Authorised Scuba Centres and insists on monitoring them on site to ensure the highest possible standard in diver education and safety.

SSI's ratings are the only ratings in the industry that combine training with experience requirements, hence proving that SSI ratings are truly earned.

Snorkel Safari Sydney South is a SSI PLATINIUM INSTRUCTOR TRAINING FACILITY having maintained the highest standards in Diver Training, Safety and Service for over 35 years. It's all part of SSI's Quality Assurance Program that guarantees you will receive the best possible Scuba Education available anywhere in the world!

We have also joined up with RAID (Rebreathers Association of International Divers). RAID training is a culmination of years of experience gained in the SCUBA training industry and assimilation of the best skill development from across the board combined and presented with the very latest technology to provide unmatched quality control SCUBA diver training.

Here at Snorkel Safari Sydney South we believe RAID puts an end to the “short-cut” Open Water courses currently being offered in the dive industry. High standards assure students are given much more “underwater time” in all their training dives and the training itself is comprehensive and complete

With over 60 programs on line, RAID are the most advanced training platform in the industry today, and we have seen a lot of activity form other training agencies in their attempt to follow and imitate the RAID model of diver training.

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